Friday, July 10, 2009

Impiana Resort, Cherating Beach, Part 2

The Impiana Resort at Cherating Beach, where I attended a 3-day workshop, was so beautiful that I have decided to post a large photo set. Click on any of the small photos in order to see the full-size image.

The rooms used a nice mix of wood floors (parquet), fabric, bamboo shades and nice wood furniture.

Photo 1: Interior of room with bamboo shades.

Photo 2: Detail of window bench seat

Photo 3: Excellent chicken, fish, goat, beef and vegetable dishes served up.

Photo 4: Lucious desserts, but very small portions, thus I didn't feel bad about eating several per meal!

Photo 5: Nusantara (SE Asian) artwork and collectibles (antique furniture) scattered about the buildings.

Photo 6: Dining room with greenery, artwork, beautiful tile floor and wooden furniture.

Photo 7: High ceiling above lobby area.

Photo 8: Reflection pool with entertainment stage for nighttime performances.

Photo 9: Nighttime entertainment group from local kampung.

Photo 10: Waiting area between lobby and reflection pool. Nighttime stage at the back of photo over the pool.

Photo 11: Reflection pool beside lobby waiting area, overlooking the South China Sea. Water from this pool cascades down into the swimming pool, which provides for a very refreshing waterfall massage.


  1. Looks decadent, congratulations on being able to go.

  2. I would love to get some teak furniture for my own home. It seems like it would make spending time outside a lot more enjoyable. It would be really nice to start doing family dinners outside when the springtime comes again.

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