Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nikko Hotel: Fountains Everywhere

As stated in the Low Yat post, I was sent to KL this past week to meet the representatives from a European university. The occasion was one of those ubiquitous Business Opportunity Seminars cum Networking sessions, which attempt to pair foreign businesses with locals. Only one university was being represented, and my boss wanted me to explore potential collaborative opportunities.

The event was hosted by the Nikko Hotel, a Japanese-owned and run hotel that is one of the classiest in KL. My colleague and I, however, did not stay there since prices are premier also.

Meetings are meetings and not that interesting to you, casual reader, so I decided that it would be more interesting to tell you that the Nikko Hotel and some nice fountains.

Outside in the back, was a waterfall dropping into a pool, complete with wooden walk-ways, Japanese koi fish in the pool, and plenty of greenery. Falling water produces white noise that is at once both evident, but also soothing. I would rather listen to white noise, than city traffic, with is intermittent, forcing one to listen. White noise just sits politely in the background, and masks tinnitus, a ringing sensation within our ears.

Inside, the dining area included a chocolate fountain, and this was quite the hit with us diners. One is to take a wooden skewer and impale a choice of fruits before dipping into the fluid chocolate. With strawberries as one of the fruit choices, there was no reason to go with anything else. Real cream ice cream was also available.

Finally, the meat station was also quite popular. A couple of the European visitors, probably less adventurous in their eating habits, spent the bulk of their grazing energy at the meat station, with roast beef the main choice. I tried a little bit of everything that is not common in Malaysia (seven choices of cheese!), and still ate too much.