Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pahang State Mosque

The Sultan Ahmad Shah state mosque in Kuantan, also called the Pahang State mosque (Masjid Negeri Pahang) is an impressive structure smack dab in the middle of Kuantan. After living in the Kuantan area for several years, but only seeing the mosque from the outside, I had the opportunity this past week to take a brief tour inside. A visiting British couple were keen to visit a mosque and as we were near, we stopped by. A very friendly lady (a Hajjah, meaning that she has made the Haj trip at least once), brought us in and gave a fairly concise explanation of how the mosque is utilised for prayers, especially for Friday's prayers, the main prayer day of the week.

This mosque is huge, and has a very impressive domed ceiling. Looking closely, one can see Arabic calligraphy along the base of the dome's rim. There are also beautiful blue and gold stained glass windows. It was built over the period 1991-1993, and is easily one of Kuantan's most notable features.

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