Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hung Yoghurt

I have been cooking several Indian recipes of late, and many of them call for hung yoghurt, which is apparently also called labneh.

Hung yoghurt is created by taking regular whole-milk yoghurt and removing the whey by "hanging" the yoghurt over a cheesecloth or coffee filter for several hours.  The whey will drip through, leaving a thicker yoghurt with a more consistent texture for cooking.

The website Nourished Kitchen also encourages us cooks not to throw out the whey, but to use it to soak grains for bread baking, as a starter for fermented foods, and in smoothie drinks for added protein.  The whey can be refrigerated for several months.

I first came across recipes requiring hung yoghurt in the book The Food of India, by the chefs of The Oberoi Group.  The two recipes I was most interested in was for chicken tikka and chicken tandoori.


  1. You are welcomed (my other way to say please!!) to scribbled down the recipes for those who want to experience the food adventure..
    Labneh..I have heard about it.. yoghurt I love it.. hung Yoghurt.. now where can I get the taste of it?.

  2. You can make hung yoghurt yourself. Buy plain yoghurt at the store, and then drain the whey off using a coffee filter. Give it 4-12 hours and you will have hung yoghurt.