Sunday, November 14, 2010

Office Birthday Parties

In a college the size of mine, nearly everyday someone has a birthday.  But not all birthdays engender a party.  Parties are basically left up to the boss or the colleagues, and really, few people have birthday parties planned for them. For example, whenever it is my birthday, I usually bring cake in to share around with the colleagues sitting close to me (rather than expecting them to plan a party for me).
February 2009 Birthday Bash (Teak is on the left, out of sight!)
After a while, we discovered that within 20 feet of my cubicle were several people with February (or near-February) birthdays!  Thus began an annual tradition of us all co-hosting The February Birthday Bash (TFBB).  Basically, each brings in food or drink to share.  In the first photo you can see the spread from the year 2009, with chocolate cake, donuts, chicken nuggets and grapes (someone ALWAYS has to bring something healthy, eh?).  I take a photo each year, which we can send to former members of TFBB who have moved on to other locations.  We also found, that by including a colleague with a birthday in March (we call it 32 February) and one from January (-15 February), we get a larger crowd and greater food on offer.
Birthday lady and boss

The parties in my section are inevitably held in the office of a particular colleague, who is extremely generous and friendly.  This month she hosted a party for her young assistant, also of pleasant personality, and a good amount of food was served up with friendly conversation.
Bringing the food
As a foreign observer, and participant, in this office culture, I am both blessed and heavier as a result of this Malay hospitality!

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  1. Ahha.. Heavier from Malay hospitality.. take care. especially of Hospital.. he..he