Thursday, December 16, 2010

Photo of the Week: Monsoon Clouds over My Kampung

The northeast monsoon is in full swing here on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.  We have had all-day rain several times now, and there are gigantic, beautiful dark monsoon storm clouds much of the day.  I shot this one on the way home one day, arriving minutes before the deluge began.

Monsoon Clouds over the Kampung


  1. As I am from the east coast, I do have some experience on the subject.. that all day rain, severe inundation or damaging flood.. The clouds can be humongous with several large Cumulo Nimbus combining /overlapping each other.. deluge of rain may still bearable without severe storms.. Frightening is it not?
    Thank you for sharing...

  2. I've just found some posts of yours on another site expessing your love of Kuantan & followed the link to your blog. I was delighted to have read how much you like it as in just over a week we will be adventuring there for a 12mths (my husband will be working there for 12 months I will be hanging out & home-schooling our 3 children) & your words were extremely cheering (perhaps not the part about you wife being sick of the mosquitoes) Thank you!