Sunday, January 23, 2011

Photo of the Week: Empty Starbucks

Empty Expensive Coffee Shop
I don't know why I get such a satisfied feeling everytime I walk by this perpetually-empty Starbucks shop.  Located at one of Kuantan's major malls (there are only three), it is ALWAYS empty when I go by.  This photo was taken on a Saturday afternoon, right around lunchtime, when you would think that it would be full of hipsters and other cool people hanging out to be seen.  There was only one couple inside, and as you can see the outside is completely empty.  And NO it is not because it is hot and humid here.  This January has been nice and coolish and on this day, I would have sat outside if I were into overpriced coffee.  Chalk it up to Starbucks' failure to crack into the east coast tea stall/coffee-shop culture, I guess.  There are locally-owned coffee-shops that are nearly always full (Old Towne White Coffee, Kopi Kemaman, mamak shops), so it isn't because Malaysians typically prefer pulled tea (teh tarik).  Credit the fact that for the price of one Starbucks (RM18-20), you can enjoy 5-10 cups of coffee or tea otherwise.

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