Friday, March 18, 2011

Rained Out @ Pular Ular

Our second day at Lis Na Ree came after a long evening of rain.  I went down to the beach early to see the possibilities of making it out to Pulau Ular on a day-trip as we had done two years ago.

Storm Over Pulau Ular
It didn't look good.  In fact, the clouds were moving quickly towards me from the island beyond which was a black mass indicating rainfall.  A little further to the south, the sun was beginning to poke out from behind the cloud bank that was coming my direction.

Red Sky at Morning, Swimmer Take Warning

As the weather poem states:  Red sky in morning, sailor take warning...., this was a sign that bad weather was to be our day.  Thus, we canceled our island trip for this vacation, and played in the pool instead.

Rain Day

Some Swimmers Were Rained Out, Not Us!

Dripping Eaves

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