Sunday, May 1, 2011

Staff Club Family Day : Sempurna Resort

Semporna Resort is where my school's staff club held our 2011 Family Day a few weekends back.

The Resort itself is not in an interesting location, sitting basically in the midst of a growing housing area, but it is strategically located close to the Kuantan airport, Gambang waterpark, and Pekan, from where the current Prime Minister hails, thus, targeted for growth and development.  Room prices are reasonable (see here), and the resort -though small- has a nice pool area for adults and children.

Pools (Adults Background, Children Foreground)

And pool.
My school has a club for its staff members (none of the top administrators showed).  We are all deducted a few ringgit monthly to the activities planned by a president and secretariat that are elected every other year.  The Family Day this year included the election of new officers.  I enjoy listening to the banter as different staff members submit each others' names for nomination.  You quickly find out who is and isn't popular!

New Club President
Staff members are provided with a new jersey (lime green this year) and the opportunity to participate in silly and semi-serious games.  I was drafted into the Old Guy's team to play water polo, and we won the 4-team tournament quick easily.

Pick Up Marbles with Chopsticks
One of the sillier games was Men-Putting-Makeup-On-Men, a game I had not seen before.  It is apparently quite popular and I was reminded of the ease with which pondan (male transvestites) can exist in this non-confrontational society.

Men Wearing Makeup

At the end, winners of the various competitions are announced and everyone receives a prize or two and goes home happy.

Lining Up the Prizes

Announcing the Winners

Waiting to Go Home


  1. You could open the first sentence as: The Resort, like peninsular Malaysia itself is not in an interesting location, lots of concrete with a 1970s petro dollar heyday's design feel' :)

  2. Yeah, it isn't the nicest architecture, but it was cheap for a family day.