Saturday, October 24, 2009

Malaysia Makes Forbes Magazine Top Ten Retirement Spots

Forbes magazine just released their annual Top Ten Foreign Retirement Destinations. Here is the list:

1. Austria
2. Thailand
3. Italy
4. Panama
5. Ireland
6. Australia
7. France
8. Malaysia
9. Spain
10. Canada

Here is what they had to say about Malaysia:

Exotic mix of Chinese and Islamic culture, welcoming to retirees, low costs and spectacular coastline make Malaysia a strong contender for the budget-conscious seeking a retreat, but also increasingly for the wealthy wanting an Asian tax haven. Kuala Lumpur is not the easiest place to live in, but, for health care reasons, avoid straying too far into the beautifully remote islands.

Downside: racial tensions and emerging-nation infrastruct

I am puzzled by the "emerging-nation infrastructure" dig. I don't know what is missing that would give Malaysia a developed-nation infrastructure.

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  1. public transport!!!instead they built that fucking stupid tower.i dont hate it,but i think if they build public transport like germany,it's much better..with public transport,germany can remain traditional n yet their industry is 2nd to none..but if they built one,there wont b income from gasoline..