Sunday, March 7, 2010

Critters in the Backyard

When we remodeled our house right after purchase, we added a concrete slab and roof in the back so my wife could have a covered area for laundry. She has prettied the space up with hanging potted plants and a hedge border. The space tends to be cooler than the surroundings, thus, it attracts critters, not the least being The Cat.

While checking for termites this weekend (present), I discovered a toad peeking out from inside a hole. The brick-and-mortar wall was built by the neighbor behind, and he only finished his side with cement facing, which means somehow this toad is able to climb up the wall on our side to a height of around one meter, and pull inside a hole which appears to be smaller than he (or she) is. Toad-in-the-Wall.

Another critter, rarely seen, is this iguana or member of the iguana family. He was extremely fast and nimble during the heat of the day, but I was able to get one shot off with the little camera that I carry in my fanny pack.

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