Friday, March 19, 2010

Mr. Toad-in-the-Wall revealed...

A cursory search on the internet has shown Mr. Toad-in-the-Wall to be a Malaysian Painted Toad (Kaloula pulchra), and also known as both the Banded Bull Frog and the Chubby Frog. So many names!

Many images are available in a google search. Also, another expat in Malaysia has also posted comments and photos about this specie of toad in their backyard. Apparently, some people keep these toad/frogs as pets! No need in our case, since he is already well situated in the back wall.

I waited outside one evening, right after sundown, and caught my buddy crawling out of his meter-high hole-in-the-wall. He was able to suck in his gut enough to get out, and then turned around and crawled down the wall backwards, like a mountain climber who has decided to go down, not up. Half-way down, he dropped to the concrete and proceeded to search for dinner.

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