Friday, September 30, 2011

Something Old, Something New

I thought about running a contest to see which photo could best represent Malaysia in one snap.  Here would be one of my entries, which I have entitled "Something Old, Something New".

Something Old, Something New
A female colleague was eating breakfast at her desk one morning, enjoying Malaysia's national fare nasi lemak.  Nasi lemak is certainly something old in Malaysia.  In front of her was her notebook computer, which of course, represents the new.  When I first started at this particular school several years ago, I was the only one with a notebook computer.  Now everyone has one of their desk and it shows how quickly Malaysians will embrace new technology.  But, Malaysians are not so quick to adopt new foods as can be seen by the number of people eating nasi lemak every morning for breakfast.  And the same types of food are made for each and every wedding function, Hari Raya celebration meal and so forth.  Why so adventurous with technology, but not with culinary fare?

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