Friday, September 30, 2011

Bee Swarms, No Hives

Several weeks (months?) ago, a bee swarm showed up in some bushes along the side of my house.  As can be seen in the photo, it is the shape of an upside down tear-drop and is simply a mass of bees with no hive.  If one watches for a few minutes, a shiver will pass through the bees as they fan their queen who must be in the centre.

Come On Guys, Build a Hive!
According to online sources, bee swarms usually only stay in a location for a few days before moving on.  But, this swarm has stayed put and now I have noticed another new swarm forming high in the branches of one of our Tapak Kuda (Bauhinia) trees.  What is going on here?  Bee-keepers, advice please.

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  1. I believe it could be Apis Dorsata, Giant Honeybees (locally known as Lebah Tualang). They do hive in the open unlike other honeybees that usually make hive inside trees.

    Young Beekeeper. I'm 16 and I keep bees ^_^