Thursday, October 27, 2011

The October Post

Teak has taken on a research project which consumes his time and pushes this blog to the back-burner.  Still trying to find interesting topics upon which to expound, but ....

Classes are over; carry-marks are turned in; final exams begin next week; so, taking a break from the research, here are a few photos of some of the more interesting things seen this month.

The baju kabaya is probably my favorite Malaysian outfit that women wear here.  It flatters nearly every figure and allows for nice embroidery and interesting designs.  A colleague wore a pretty outfit today and obliged Teak's request for a photo.  What do you think?  Nice, eh?

Baju Kebaya on Colleague
I have also highlighted cute shoes, before, worn by students of mine.  Here is the latest, cutest, pair aptly titled "Shoe of the Semester".

Shoe of the Semester

This week was the Hindu holiday of Diwali (Festival of Lights), called Deepavali in Malaysia.  Some of our Tamil students prepared a kolam at the entrance to the main building, which is a design from colored rice.

Diwali Kolam at School Entrance
The students even included a sign to inform about their work.

Diwali Information

Walking to and from work allows me to see other things of beauty, such as this rainbow...

Rainbow Over the Kampung

... and a pair of Enggan (Hornbills).

Hornbills Looking for Breakfast

But, not everything is an item of beauty.  Have you seen what they do with French fries in this country?  Mayonnaise?  Yuck!!

Yuck!!  How to ruin French fries.



  1. The hornbill is a fascinating bird. Spotted one here in Kuantan a couple of years back..

    Duncan In Kuantan

  2. We have a pair that hang out in our neighborhood regularly, which is near Taman Gelora.