Saturday, November 12, 2011

November Neighborhood Wedding

With school vacation beginning this weekend, it is time for the wedding kenduri season to heat up again.  Typically, wedding kenduris occur in June, September, and December, when schools let out for break.  The November/December season is notorious for clashing with the beginning of the monsoon season, and rain is not unknown during this most of festive family occasions.

Once again, a neighbour on our block hosted a kenduri for the wedding of his daughter.  This kenduri was unsual in that it contained some elements not common to other wedding kenduri.  To start with, rather than block just half of the street in front of his house, the canopy used in this kenduri was quite large and blocked the entire street.

Entire Street Blocked
As a result, those of us living on the other side in the photo had to use the alley behind the houses to the right side of the photo, since we are on a dead-end road.  This is no problem, however, for we were all invited to this neighbour's kenduri (for free food!).

Another oddity (or better yet, nicety) was free ice cream!!

I scream, you scream, we all scream, for ICE CREAM!!
Malays typically don't seem to go after ice cream, but this stop on the kenduri tour was popular especially with the children.  Of course, the servings were Malaysian size, not the humongous scoops that I remember from my (skinny) youth.

Another nice touch was the colour photo announcing whose kenduri we were attending.  I scrambled the words of the address so that Teak's fans will not know where he lives.  Anonymity is nice, but I am sure that I will be uncovered someday.

Where is it?
There was also, of course, the usual entourages of the groom's family marching in to meet the bride's family to the beat of the kompang (drum) group.  I caught the tail end of the lineup as they marched through the eating area under the canopy.  At the end of the line was a man who was, basically, giving a running commentary like a futbol match.  My neighbour told me that he wanted a traditional Malay wedding, so I guess that a commentator is needed.

Commentator Follows the Kompang Group

Additionally, there was a Lady-in-White who appeared to be directing the proceedings, running back and forth and motioning with her hands.

Lady-in-White Giving Directions

After meeting, marching in, and getting seated, the bride and groom were entertained by first a silat group, three sets of boys.  I caught the youngest pair in their faux sparring.

Youngest Silat Pair

And then, the bride and groom (along with the crowd) were entertained by a group of young ladies doing the Zapin dance.

Zapin dance

The young couple seemed quite pleased with the kenduri, as was I and the rest of the crowd.  After attending multitudes of kenduri in my years in Malaysia, this one has to be near the top of the list for most entertaining.

Happy Couple

And, it was especially nice for the fantastic ayam berempah, prepared by Asa Caterers, reknown for their wedding meals, and for the fact that the kenduri was right in front of my house, entailing a walk of, oh, 3-5 seconds!

Unfortunately, this being November and on the verge of monsoon season, the kenduri was visited by a team of Cumulonimbus, which piled up and then broke forth.  As I type this now, the kenduri is breaking up under a steady rainfall.

Here comes the rain!!

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