Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Morning, Taman Gelora, Part 2

But enough of politics.  I find Taman Gelora to be a delightful place to spend an early morning walk.  One must get going before the 10am heat hits, however.

The early bird gets to enjoy a near-vacant beach...

...with which you share with joggers and sand-castle-makers....

Taman Gelora beach, low tide

There are sea eagles flying above...

and assorted shells below...

Walking down the beach to the Kuantan River estuary, one can watch the fishing boats coming back from their early morning harvest.

Heading Up the Kuantan River Estuary
Peeking around the corner, you can see the new Zenith Hotel which brackets the Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Convention Centre, Kuantan's newest skyline icon.

Zenith Hotel, Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Convention Centre
As a scientist of sorts, I am also interested in "little things", like the black water that emits from Taman Gelora and its assortment of ponds and food stalls.

And the water flowing from high tide pools back to the ocean.  These streams are examples of braided rivers in miniature.

Braided river in miniature
The shallow, sandy soil of Taman Gelora releases water quickly following a rain...

Water being released from bank storage
...and requires the Casuarina trees to have buttress roots to stand up against the wind in such poor soil.

'Tis truly a bucolic setting, Taman Gelora...

Where one can have a glass of milo tarik...

And share it with new-found friends.

"Adik!  Nak milo tarik?"

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