Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Morning, Taman Gelora, Part 1

Living close to Kuantan's premier park, I rarely take the chance to take a morning walk there.  However, last night's rain and this morning's "thumping" from the park gave me impetus to enjoy the morning coolness and see what was thumping, errr, happening over yonder Taman Gelora way.

Thumping in the park usually means that some group has booked part of the park for a family day.  And thus it was that I discovered not only overcrowded parking lots (more so than normal) ...

Overcrowded Parking
but also lots of police, FRU (Federal Reserve Unit) and RELA.

Federal Reserve Unit trucks
There were police checkpoints on the roads leading to the park.

Police Checkpoint, They Let Teak Pass
Being able to speak Malay, I asked some police why the heavy presence this fine morning in the park.  Well, it seems that the local city council (Majlis Perbandaran Kuantan, aka MPK) was hosting an all-departments Family Day.  And sure enough, there were the usual Family Day activities: like aerobics...

MPK Family Day aerobics class

and net-ball...
Netball at Taman Gelora

and volleyball...

Volleyball at Taman Gelora (Green Team vs., Well, Another Green Team)

and a futsal court surrounded by food and beverage vendors...

Futsal court surrounded by vendors

...and food for those en-hungered by the aerobics....

Come and Get It!
I was interested in some of the exhibits displayed by the various MPK units.  Here, a fashion design group was neighbours to the coastal police, who showed off one of their outfits.

And the fire department.

Fire Ladder
And some government employees showed us how they most likely spend their work days.

Checkers In Large
And the stage where the rock-n-roll group produced the thumping that drew me into this party.

State Agency Recreation Program
Meanwhile, at the other end of the park there appeared to have been a different group meeting.  By the time that I got there, most people had dispersed, but there were still police and FRU members hanging around.  They were, apparently, more interested in this gathering than the one put on by MPK.

Police or FRU, enjoying the view be continued.


  1. I guess you are referring to the Save Malaysia, Stop Lynas family activity going on!

  2. Well I guess that would explain the interest from the police, FRU and RELA, eh?